Brëjn Dëdd Ugly songs 1988-1993 2xCD
Ugly songs 1988-1993

Brëjn Dëdd Ugly songs 1988-1993 2xCD

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Release Date: October 12, 2018

Our tribute to Tony "IT" Särkkä.

One of the very first Swedish extreme metal bands, formed by scene legends such as Dan Swanö, Tony “It” Särkkä, Michael Bohlin and others. For the first time ever the demo’s are officially released and bonus tracks added. All music carefully re-stored, mixed and compiled by Michael Bohlin; mastered by Dan Swanö at infamous Unisound studios. A double album presenting the complete works from the birth to death of Brëjn Dëdd, including extensive liner notes by Dan Swanö and Michael Bohlin. 

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